Simplify your employee purchase process.

So, what are the advantages of Perks for People?

A simple platform where your employees can buy discounted name brand mobile tech

Perks for People removes the need for:

  •   Employee purchases from store inventory
  •   Supervisor approval
  •   Payroll deduction
  •   Managing individual requests

A wider selection of product for your employees

Your employees are no longer limited to what you have in stock. Our online catalog offers over 3,000 in-demand mobile accessory products.

Maintain the profitability of your inventory

Preserve your margins, and inventory accuracy, by dedicating your stock to customer purchases and directing employees to
Reduce shrinkage, increase sales opportunities.

Designated support team to the lifecycle of every order.

We’re committed to providing a best-in-class customer experience. We monitor and assist every order from the time it’s placed to when it arrives so you don’t have to.

And the best part?
Join Perks for People at no cost to your company!

Our product catalog represents the most innovative, in-demand brands leading the mobile accessory industry today.

Put the value of Perks for People in motion

  • Leverage the program to increase employee loyalty and engagement
  • Include as a value proposition for recruitment
  • Great added layer to any existing perk programs you offer

The advantages don't stop there.

Contact us today to learn more about:

  • Our in-demand product collection
  • Custom e-commerce solutions
  • Program media kit
  • Designated support team